Wellbeing Trail Project

This section of my blog tracks the progress of my second design thinking project, which is about designing solutions for a wellbeing trail based in Samford, near Brisbane.

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Step 2: Immerse in the stakeholders’ environment

This ‘immersion’ stage is central to the Design Thinking process. It’s about understanding the people we are designing for, and getting to grips with the problem (or problems) to be addressed. As mentioned during the investigate phase, the Wellbeing Trail project includes various stakeholders, not just the end users of the design solution. I talked to …

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Step 1: Investigate the Wellbeing Trail context

As is relatively common for a community project, I started working on the Wellbeing Trail idea well before it became a defined project. My client at Samford Commons explained the basic concept back in April this year, and at that stage was looking to get buy-in from potential sponsors or partners. As these partners ranged …

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Starting the design thinking process

The Samford Wellbeing Trail started off as an idea – how do we make it a reality? On face value it is a simple project involving designing, communicating and promoting an event. However, as a community project involving multiple stakeholders, there are a number of complex issues to be addressed before the visual communication design …

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