Enhanced Design Tools

This part of my blog tracks learning in the Enhanced Design Tools course from July to October 2018, as part of Master of Design studies at Griffith University. The course gives us an overview of contemporary design practice, tools and prototyping, with an emphasis on practical learning and experimentation. Carolyn King

Practical project step 5: Finishing the cabinet

The project was coming together now, with the cabinet assembled, wood stain applied, and the dial faces ready. However I wasn’t done with it yet. There were three more things to consider. Firstly, fitting all the electronic bits and pieces into the cabinet. Secondly, fitting the motors (driving the dial pointer needles) into the two …

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Microcontrollers and design – what’s the connection?

How are microcontrollers being used, and do they impact what visual designers do? Microcontrollers are used in all sorts of electronic devices, home appliances, medical equipment, vehicles, phones and countless other physical products. These are not what you may first think of in terms of graphic design and visual communication. However, the user interface, accessibility …

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