Enhanced Design Tools

This part of my blog tracks learning in the Enhanced Design Tools course from July to October 2018, as part of Master of Design studies at Griffith University. The course gives us an overview of contemporary design practice, tools and prototyping, with an emphasis on practical learning and experimentation. Carolyn King

BBC microbit

Embedded microcontrollers – the BBC Micro:bit

A microcontroller is a small, programmable computer on a single integrated circuit. They are called embedded microcontrollers because they are usually embedded into a device in order to run a program to do a specific task. “A microcontroller takes input from the device it is controlling and controls the device by sending signals to different …

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Uses of 3D printing in graphic design and visual communication

3D printing involves making things – 3 dimensional objects – which is generally not what most people think graphic designers do. However, graphic designers have actually been designing 3D objects since the early days of visual communication – from books and brochures through to signs, packaging, merchandise, folders, cards and advertising hoardings. The question is, …

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Learning about 3D printing

In our second practical class for Enhanced Design Tools we had an introduction to 3D printing. It was fun to see some samples of 3D printed work, as well as learning how to use 3D software and see our designs turned into cute little 3D objects. Here’s a summary of the steps we followed.