Learning about 3D printing

In our second practical class for Enhanced Design Tools we had an introduction to 3D printing. It was fun to see some samples of 3D printed work, as well as learning how to use 3D software and see our designs turned into cute little 3D objects. Here’s a summary of the steps we followed.

Presentation - Design Disruptors in visual communication

Design disruptors – visual communication

Who or what are disruptors? The term “disruptors” is a buzz word that has been around since the mid 1990s, generally referring to innovations in technologies, products or services that radically disrupt the status quo. These disruptions can be embodied in new business models, technologies, people, organisations or cultural/social movements.

Personal & Particular – people’s relationship with their wallet

In this project we’ll be looking at people’s particular relationship with a personal item – I have chosen to look at wallets. We’ll be using Design Thinking methods to examine the human aspects of the product and how people relate to it, use it, and feel about it. To kick things off before starting to …

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