Laser cutting experiments – a whale of a job!

In our first practical session for the Enhanced Design Tools course, we had an introduction to the Trotec laser cutting machine and software, which we then used to create a simple laser cut design out of cardboard.

The brief was to create a prototype for a simple phone stand that could be created using laser cutting. Working with fellow student Jess, we designed a stand shaped like a whale, consisting of two identical whale shapes and a joining piece that was intended to help hold the phone at a suitable angle.

After creating our first prototype, we amended the design to simplify it further, using two interlocking whale shapes with no need for a joining piece. We also adjusted the outline of the whale to make the tail wider, therefore stronger. The second prototype worked as it was able to support a phone, but would have needed further development to get the phone at the right angle and allow the stand to hold smaller phones.

Here’s a video of the laser cutter in action:

Photographs showing the process:

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