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Masters Research Project

This year I will be focusing on a research project, which includes a mixture of academic research and practice-based research. As a visual communication designer, l have chosen to look at how data visualisations can support positive social change.

Why this topic? I have always loved information design – making complex information more simple and accessible to people. In today’s data-rich world there is even more need to filter information and sort the wheat from the chaff. Having been involved with a number of social change programs, I’m keen to use design as a way of making a positive impact.

My research will focus on a specific topic of social benefit – cycling safety – as a way to test how communicating data visually can affect peoples’ attitudes. A keen cyclist, I have a number of useful contacts in that area. I will take published data from a research organisation and turn it into visualisations they can use. These are likely to be a mixture of static and interactive visualisations. Once done, I will test these visualisations against certain criteria, to determine which factors affect peoples’ attitudes or stated behaviours.

Before getting started on the practice-based element of the project however, I need to conduct a context review of academic literature and practical resources, and plan the project in a way that keeps the scope manageable and the timescales achievable. I have already done a fair bit of research to get to this point, mostly relating to data visualisation practice and theory. I am hoping my lovely, incredibly well qualified supervisor at Griffith (Ming Cheung) will keep me on track!

I’ve prepared a presentation to explain the project, and will be presenting this tomorrow (as will other Masters students) to get feedback and start moving forward with the project!

Click here to view my presentation about the project

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