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Connecting road users via interactive stories

How can visual communication enhance road safety? What impact does personalised communication have on attitudes of different road users, and can it help cyclists and drivers understand each other’s perspective? These are the questions I tackled in my Master of Design research project, which combined academic research with the design of a practical response to …

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Techniques for user journeys and storyboards

In our last couple of Experience Design classes we’ve looked at techniques for planning and visualising a user journey, and how to storyboard specific scenarios within that journey. We did this using low tech techniques (sketching, post-it notes, paper), to help focus on the process itself rather than the tools.


Ideas, ideas and more ideas

After empathising with users and defining the problem for our Design Thinking project, the next step was to start finding possible ways of solving the problem! This is called the ‘ideation’ phase. Ideas can be generated through means such as brainstorming, brainwriting, mindmaps, storyboards, challenging assumptions, sketching or many other methods.

Personal & Particular – people’s relationship with their wallet

In this project we’ll be looking at people’s particular relationship with a personal item – I have chosen to look at wallets. We’ll be using Design Thinking methods to examine the human aspects of the product and how people relate to it, use it, and feel about it. To kick things off before starting to …

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